ChirpyWeb Account > Segmentation > Topics

The Topic’s feature allows you to add pre-defined segments called Topics that might be of interest to your subscribers. When a reader is visiting the website and subscribes to push notifications, a custom pop-up appears after subscribing. This pop-up contains the topics defined by you. Subscribers can choose the favorite topics and get subscribed.

These subscribers will automatically added to the Topics they subscribed to and you can send targeted notifications to these subscribers related their favorite topics. You can show upto 6 topics to your subscribers to choose from.


The Topics page shows all your added topics, subscribers in each topic, option to enable or disable each topic and also delete any topic.
ChirpyWeb also offers an option to enable or disable the topics pop up on your website.

Topic Theme Setting

ChirpyWeb Account > Segmentation > Topics > Theme Settings


Topic Theme Setting allows you to configure the pop-up displayed on your website. You can easily customize the Content & Appearance of the theme as per your website’s color scheme. The Theme 2 option also allows you to add an image to the Topic’s pop-up.

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