ChirpyWeb Account > Segmentation > Segments

With the help of Segments feature, you can divide your subscribers into different groups based on their

  • Platform – Multi select option between Mobile, Desktop and Tablet
  • Browser – Multi select option between most used browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.
  • Geo-Location – Country wise multi select option
  • Subscription Date – Option to add a custom date range filter to group subscribers subscription date
  • Last Website Visited – Option to add a custom date range filter to group subscribers that last visited your website
  • URL Visited – Multi-select option between your website URLs that the subscribers have visited

Geo-Location options and URL Visited options are populated as per subscriber data. 

The Segments page will show you the created Segments, Subscriber Reach, Creation Date, Option to see all the filters added to a segment and also Delete the segment.

ChirpyWeb offers two default segments that are readily available:

  • Mobile Subscribers Only
  • Desktop Subscribers Only

Create Segment

ChirpyWeb Account > Segmentation > Segments > Create

Craft notifications specific to the particular group of subscribers that you want to target with the help of Segments feature.

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