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Why ChirpyWeb?

  • Detailed Analytics

    Detailed Analytics

    Analyze your Subscribers Locations, Campaigns Sent, Impressions and usage amongst different platforms through our Dashboard.

    Track Subscriber Growth with custom date range filters.

  • Drip Notifications

    Drip Notifications

    The Drip Notification feature enables you to send a series of web push notifications to each new subscriber in different time intervals.

    This helps onboarding the new subscriber and understand your website better.

  • Exceptional Support

    Exceptional Support

    We aim to provide the best customer experience when it comes to onboarding and support.

    Our Support Hero’s are always available to assist you.

  • Granular Segmentation

    Granular Segmentation

    Send targeted custom push notifications to your subscribers.

    Granularly segment your subscribers by:
    – Platform
    – Browser
    – Geo Location
    – Subscription Date
    – Last Website Visited
    – URL’s Visited

  • Detailed Reports

    Detailed Reports

    Analyze every campaign report with:

    – Campaign Status
    – Notifications Sent
    – Impressions (Delivered Notifications)
    – Number of Clicks
    – CTR (Click Through Rate)

  • Highly Customized

    Highly Customized Prompts

    Choose between a variety of permission prompt designs for desktop and mobile.

    Customize the prompts by editing the text, buttons and color combination that goes with your website.

    Also decide when to trigger the prompt on the website.

  • Schedule Notifications

    Schedule Notifications

    Schedule notifications in advance with specific date & time and let ChirpyWeb take care of the rest.

    Notifications can be scheduled as per:
    – Specific Timezone
    – Subscriber Timezone

  • Flexible Pricing

    Flexible Pricing

    Choose from a variety of flexible pricing models that suit your needs.

    Available pricing models:

    – Subscriber Based Pricing
    – Impression Based Pricing
    – Custom Enterprise Pricing

  • Multiple Website

    Multiple Website

    Manage multiple websites under one account.

    All ChirpyWeb paid plans offer multi-website support.

  • Topics


    Pre-populate website related topics that visitors can subscribe!

    Send targeted notifications by letting the subscribers decide the topics they want to be notified about!

  • Multi-User


    Organizations require multiple user support to administer website notifications for the different departments, we provide role based multi-user accounts.

    A user role represents permissions (View, Edit, Send) that are granted by the admin user.

  • Mobile Friendly

    Mobile Friendly

    ChirpyWeb is the mobile friendly platform that helps manage notifications on-the-go through any mobile device.

    Send notifications, View Analytics and Reports anywhere and on-the-go!

  • RSS Feed

    RSS Feed

    ChirpyWeb’s RSS feed feature¬†enables you to send automated notifications to your subscribers whenever there is a new update to the RSS feed.

    Publishers and Bloggers can use this feature to send out a notification whenever a new article is published.

  • E-Commerce Automation

    E-Commerce Automation

    Send a series of triggered push notifications with ChirpyWeb’s E-commerce Automation features like:

    – Abandoned Cart Notifications
    – Price Drop Alerts
    – Back In Stock Alerts
    – Shipping Alerts

Supported Browsers

ChirpyWeb's Push Notifications Are Supported On
All Popular Browsers Across Desktop & Mobile

Also, ChirpyWeb seamlessly integrates with your favorite website platform
Our main focus was to distribute business news to website visitors with timely and personalized web push notifications. With on-going subscriber growth and regular re-engagement through ChirpyWeb, we built a faithful following of repeat visitors.
Jay Abbott
Content Manager
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