Campaign Reports

ChirpyWeb Account > Campaigns > Reports

For your each of your sent campaigns, the Campaign Reports page will show:

  • Campaign Name – Name of the campaign
  • Date – Campaign sent date
  • Status – Completed or Failed
  • Segment – Targeted segment for the campaign
  • Subscriber – Number of subscribers to whom the notification was sent
  • Impression – Number of successfully delivered notifications
  • Clicked – Number of clicks on the campaign
  • CTR – Click Through Rate Percentage (Clicks ÷ Impressions) x 100 = CTR

The Campaign Reports page will also display:

  • Total Subscribers
  • Total Impressions
  • Total Clicks
  • Total CTR

The above data is by default displayed for the last 7 days. You can choose custom date range filter to populate more data.

Export CSV

You can easily add custom date range filter and export a CSV of the report instantly.

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