Web Push Notifications to be supported on iOS in Early 2023

Finally, after a very long wait, Apple has officially confirmed that it will be supporting Web Push Notifications with iOS 15.4. It is expected to be live in early 2023.

Apple has been supporting Web Push Notifications on all major browsers on macOS but iOS has this missing on iPhones and iPads for years.

Marketers were limited to adopting and taking advantage of Web Push Notifications as Apple owns more than 50% of the mobile market in the United States and a very large market share in the rest of the world.

Digital Marketers have been holding back for Apple to support Web Push Notifications for the last 7 years when Chrome first enabled web push notifications in 2015 followed by Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Edge and other browsers.

Web push notifications are one of the most popular engagement channels which enable web owners to send personalized notifications to web visitors beyond Emails & SMS.

Currently, it is unclear if Apple will switch to the PushAPI as all other major browsers use or if it will continue to use its own Apple Push Notification Service for Safari on iOS.

ChirpyWeb is very excited and we will be following all updates on this to make sure all our customers can take advantage of Web Push Notifications on iOS (iPhones & iPads) as soon as it’s live.