How WallStreetPR Got an Insane Boost in Web Traffic Using Web Push Notifications is a comprehensive publisher reporting on the pulse of the North American stock markets.  The site is an innovator in business news, videos and insightful market content that is syndicated by news sources like MarketWatch, Street Insider, Quote media and many more.


Post the huge and ongoing investment in Digital Marketing to acquire new website visitors, WallStreetPR wanted to focus on retaining these visitors and driving repeat traffic to their website.


After looking at many options, WallStreetPR identified Web Push Notifications as the perfect channel for re-engaging with their website visitors and decided to try it. Soon after trying a few web push notification platforms in the market, WallStreetPR realized they needed a platform that would give them features like:

  • Customizable Permission Prompt to suit their website
  • Detailed Reporting & Analytics
  • Granular Subscriber Segmentation
  • Notification Scheduling
  • Mobile-friendly platform to manage notifications on the go
  • Flexible Pricing
  • And last but not the least, exceptional support.

That’s when WallStreetPR came across ChirpyWeb and decided to try it. The WallStreetPR Team was thrilled when we walked them through ChirpyWeb’s feature list. Within a week after trying ChirpyWeb, WallStreetPR decided to finalize ChirpyWeb as their audience engagement platform.

Their main focus was to distribute business news to website visitors with timely and personalized web push notifications. Audience segmentation helped them send targeted notifications to their visitors.


Compared to other engagement channels, web push notifications drove 2-3% CTR and when pushed to a segmented audience, the click were 5X. With on-going subscriber growth and regular re-engagement through personalized web push notifications, WallStreetPR built a faithful following with thousands of repeat visitors.