How to take advantage of the Drip Notifications?

The Drip Notification feature enables you to send more than one web push notification to each new subscriber in different time intervals. This helps the new subscriber understand your website better.

Advantages of Drip Notifications:

  • Enables you to send a series of notifications
  • You can schedule these notifications for different time intervals
  • Helps subscriber on boarding to understand your website better

A new subscriber may not know much about your website and here’s where Drip notifications can be used to send a series of push notifications in regular intervals to start engaging with your subscriber and share things about your website.

Below is an example of a Drip Notification campaign:

Day 1:

On the first day, a Welcome Notification can be sent to your new subscriber thanking them for their subscription. This notification can be sent seconds or minutes after one subscribes to your website.

Day 2:

The following day, a notification can be sent to the new subscriber with a discount coupon code for their first purchase. This will direct them to your website for purchase.

Day 4:

Taking a break on the third day, send a notification on the fourth day apprising them about your store’s new collection.

Day 6:

Again taking a break on the fifth day, a notification that shows customer reviews of top-selling products can be sent on the sixth day.

Day 9:

Now that you have sent 4 notifications in six days, you may take a break for a couple of days and send a notification on the ninth day with your store’s trending collection and ongoing sale.

All the notifications can be pre-scheduled and will be delivered to the new subscriber at the set time intervals. One can choose the intervals depending on the subscriber base. It is very important that subscribers do not receive too many push notifications which can irritate them.

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