• February 6

ChirpyWeb Account > Segmentation > Topics The Topic's feature allows you to add pre-defined segments called Topics that might be of interest to your subscribers. When a reader is visiting the website and subscribes to push notifications, a custom pop-up appears after subscribing. This pop-up contains the topics defined by you. Subscribers can choose the favorite topics and get subscribed.... CONTINUE READING

Basic Automation

  • February 6

ChirpyWeb Account > Automation> Basic Automation The Basic Automation page lets you view, manage and setup Welcome Notifications, Drip Notifications and RSS Feed. It also displays data like the number of sent notifications, impressions and clicks for each of the feature. A custom date filter can be added to populate the data.... CONTINUE READING

User Management

  • February 6

ChirpyWeb Account > General Settings > User Management ChirpyWeb's User Management feature allow you to add multiple Users to your Owner account and give access to each of your websites separately. Add User ChirpyWeb Account > General Settings > User Management > Add User As the Owner of the account, the A... CONTINUE READING

Web Push Notifications to be supported on iOS in Early 2023

Finally, after a very long wait, Apple has officially confirmed that it will be supporting Web Push Notifications with iOS 15.4. It is expected to be live in early 2023. Apple has been supporting Web Push Notifications on all major browsers on macOS but iOS has this missing on iPhones and iPads f...